Mountains on the wall! Cool themes for a boys room

We were talking last night about buying the boys some new beds and searching on the internet for cool themes for a boys room.

The little cotbeds that have served us so well, up until now, are beginning to look a little ‘pinched’ — for want of a better word.

There is still a little bit of room, between their feet and the end of each bed; but not much.

It seems like yesterday when we bought them. I remember thinking that 4 years seemed like ages away, when the lady in the shop said that they’d probably last until the boys went to school.

But in the blink of an eye my babies are grown. We’re preparing for them to start school in just 6 weeks time and the little cotbeds have been outgrown.


But anyway.

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The Twins Room Right Now

I think we’ve pretty much settled on the idea of bunkbeds  but it’s got me thinking about redecorating.

I’ve always loved their room; white and brights. The perfect combo for little people.

The twins room — Cool themes for a boys room
These cute little beds have finally been outgrown!
Cool themes for a boys room
Pops of colour from books and artwork.
Cool themes for a boys room
We inherited these little hooks from our first house! So nice to see how they fit into the boys’ room!

As they’re a little older, I think now’s the time to lose the colourful wallpaper (maybe?) and try to think of a theme that will carry them through the next 4 or 5 years.

My godson is now 10 and he’s recently had his room redecorated. He was instrumental in choosing the theme; the way that it looks and feels is very much his taste. Prior to that he had a little boys bedroom, with a train mural running around the  circumference of the room.

I’m definitely going to ask for a bit of input from the boys but might draw the line at TV character bedding.

Cool themes for a boys room

Children’s television programmes and films aside, there are so many other places to look for inspiration.

Adventure and fantasy is a huge theme for kid’s rooms for 2017.

Mountain murals are going to be a big trend this year.

kids room with mountains — Cool themes for a boys room
Mountains are a huge trend this year. Original image courtesy of Kinderkamerstylist
kids room with mountain theme — Cool themes for a boys room
I love this cool grey and white theme. Original image courtesy of Kinderkamerstylist

As are space-themed bedrooms (which would please the boys as they’re obsessed with Star Wars).

I particularly like the thought of an inky dark wall covered in constellations.

star themed bedroom
This starry theme would look fab on a ceiling! Original image courtesy of Pinterest
star themed kids bedroom — Cool themes for a boys room
I love everything about this — definitely a catalyst for sweet dreams. Original image courtesy of Project Nursery

But for now. I’m just going to ponder on it.

The boys have expressed an interest in a LEGO themed room — that could lend itself well and could be quite fun.

But we need to track down the perfect bunkbeds first and the design of the room will come later.

I can see that I’m going to be dreaming about bedroom updates for the foreseeable future!

PS — To see how the twins room ended up — click here to look at the post!

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  1. AH it’s so sad when they outgrow the baby stuff isn’t it, whether it’s clothes or decor. I love the mountains and the stars, so cute yet not too childish. I agree about TV character bedding too, I accept PJs but that’s as far as I’ll go! x #HomeEtc

    • I think the mountains are sweet but fancy something a bit different. The boys would love Lego — I keep seeing Lego sticky tape and wondering how I use it for the basis of a design… HOW cool would that be!!

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