Colour Your World | #31 Mango Mojito

Oh spring! How I love you!

The light, the heat. The newness, growth and greenery.

This is — unquestionably — my favourite time of year.

Although, the cold temperatures and grey skies of last week (and also this morning, as I write this) combined with the fact that we’ve already had our family ‘summer holiday’ this year, I’ve got a really weird sensation of it being autumn again!

Almost like I’d overslept and missed the spring and summer entirely.

Thank goodness that’s not true!!

The thought of autumn, so soon, makes me want to emigrate.

But, weirdly enough, the next colour in the Pantone colour report for 2019 is very autumnal. Particularly for spring.

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Introducing Mango Mojito

It struck me as odd, to see a colour that’s so often perceived to be autumnal, in the spring colour report.

Pantone hail it as a ‘golden yellow’ — which I guess it is (despite having a good dollop of blue and a little splash of black in the mix) — and say:

“The golden yellow Mango Mojito feeds our craving for pleasant comforts.”

As a result, I’m trying to alter my perceptions and see it in a different light.

Instead of a crunchy carpet of fallen leaves, cinnamon sticks and flickering firelight; I’m now picturing Balearic sunsets, golden beaches and bronzed skin.

Aaah, isn’t that better?

Colour Your World | #31 Mango Mojito

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

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I think it’s good to challenge our perceptions every now and then, and Pantone have certainly done that.

From rusty autumnal tones, to golden spring and summer, Mango Mojito is — undeniably — a shade for all seasons.

Next time we’ll be looking at:

Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
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