Caravanserai at Camp Bestival

Caravanserai. Now there’s a word you don’t hear very often.

Initially, I thought it was a name made up by those clever bods who brought us Camp Bestival – but it really, really does exist!

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  1. historical
    an inn with a central courtyard for travellers in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa.
  2. a group of people travelling together; a caravan.


Caravanaserai was my very favourite thing about last year’s Camp Bestival.  Both definitions above perfectly describe it.

It was a makeshift cocktail bar — created out of caravans that you could sit inside — laid out in a circle, surrounding a dance-floor in the centre.

There were tables and comfy chairs — sofas dotted about — or you could sit in an old carousel or in a Walters car.

Crazy mirrors, chandeliers and curios wherever you looked and a gorgeous laid-back, circus vibe.

We spent a good few hours in there, one sunny afternoon, catching up with our bests (who were also at Camp Bestival) drinking cocktails, dancing and people watching.

The Twinkles absolutely loved it.

Not only did they get to hang out with their godparents (and their two boys) but they also had the lovely experience of seeing their mama and daddy laughing, happy and relaxed in a gorgeous, enchanting space.

It was not only a treat for the eyes but for the ears as well.

Caravanserai at Camp Bestival

Caravanserai had some amazing DJs; playing electro-swing during the day and vintage inspired, jazzy  beats under the cover of darkness.

This year the tunes come courtesy of DJ Chris Tofu and Penny Metal plus there is live music too from The After Hours ( think 1920s jazz with a modern twist) and The Brass Funkeys to name a couple.

The latter are a 7 piece brass band who describe themselves as playing —

‘soulful jazz funeral marches, galloping gypsy czárdás and pumping brass driven funk’

— pop and have a listen  to them if you get chance — it really gives a flavour of Caravansersai.

Not long now folks! 14 more sleeps and counting!

Colour and curios wherever you look
Cosmo and his godfather
Bert and his godmummy
Crazy reflections
My four beautiful boys — sons and godsons
Cheeky chappies
Caravanserai 2015

Tickets for this year’s Camp Bestival 2016 (July 28th to 31st) are now on sale.

Do pop along and check out their website — click  here for info on ticket options and pricing — you won’t regret it!

The Listed Home are proud to be official bloggers for Camp Bestival this year but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.


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