Light nights, light mornings {and botanical roller blinds}

Well, hurrah for the clocks going forward.

I don’t think I have ever, ever been so grateful to lose an hour!

This winter has felt very, very long indeed hasn’t it?

That extra hour of daylight made the world of difference yesterday though. Added to the fact that spring finally seems to have sprung. At last winter got the memo, to say that it had long outstayed it’s welcome; and we were treated to a long, gloriously sunny day, that seemed to stretch on and on.


This time of year is my very favourite; the light evenings and light mornings. I love it. The anticipation of warmer days ahead.

I miss daylight so much during the winter months and am beyond happy to see sunshine filling the rooms of our little cottage in the spring. Washing the walls with warmth and light and making everywhere feel fresh and new.

I rose early yesterday morning and opened the shutters at our bedroom window, just a little, to let the light in.

I love how shutters block out the glow of the streetlamps at night — and also make the room feel very cosy when it’s cold outside — but, as I lay there looking at how the morning light cast shadows on the wall, I decided that I’m going to invest in some blinds for the spring and summer months.

It’s been such a long winter. I want to embrace the daylight and give our bedroom a fresher look for spring.

Question is, do I go for a neutral? Or a colour?

Plain? Or patterned?

The choices are endless — there are some really gorgeous options available.

I’m quite keen on the current trend for all things botanical; and botanical roller blinds would work really well in our bedroom. I’ve found some fabulous ones by Luxaflex that would tie in really well with the bedding that we’re using at the moment.

Navy and White Botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex

Navy and White Botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex

Navy and White Botanical print duvet cover

Navy and White Botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex

Such an amazing match aren’t they? From a distance you would almost think that they’re from the same range.

I love the fresh navy and white watercolour print.

Although, I guess, if I wanted to change the look and feel of the room, maybe it would be better to go with plain navy to tie in with the walls?

Navy roller blinds from Luxaflex

Navy roller blinds from Luxaflex

Navy roller blinds from Luxaflex

All Change

That said, I was planning on changing the wall-colour this summer…

I have loved our inky dark walls — especially during the winter months — but now that spring is here, I’m toying with the idea of repainting them.

I’ve recently had my head turned by some gorgeous soft pinks; not quite as sugary blush as Rose Quartz, which was the colour of the year for 2016. The shade I particularly like has more of a grey tone; a little like the colour of fresh plaster.

Our other bedding from Bluebellgray is so colourful that it would sit with most wall-colours but, I daresay, navy and white printed blinds may not be such a wise choice.

Especially for a girl who changes her interiors as often as her socks.

Maybe a more neutral shade would be better?

Muted duck-egg blue — or sage green — would work really well.

Or maybe I should use this opportunity to have a proper spring clean.

Out with the old and in with the new.

I could still have botanical roller blinds — with the design coming from a relief pattern, rather than a print. And if I go for a very neutral colour, they’ll sit with practically any wall colour or any other soft furnishings that take my eye.

There’s been such a resurgence in houseplants recently; they’re definitely the accessory of the moment.

A well chosen succulent or leafy palm is the perfect way of bringing an interior bang up to date and this is translating down to soft furnishings too.

I was eying some lovely palm print curtains last week but, once again, with such a bold choice you’re limited to what you do with the rest of the room.

Which is why I think I’m going to go with these gorgeous botanical roller blinds.

Neutral enough to sit happily alongside any colour or pattern that takes my fancy, whilst it’s discreet palm leaf pattern gives a little nod to the botanical trend.

Botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex
Now you see it… I love the unobtrusive little repeat pattern on these botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex
Botanical roller blinds from Luxaflex
…now you don’t. Particularly as it’s almost unnoticeable from a distance.

So here’s to light nights, light mornings and to my new botanical roller blinds!

It’s time to let the outside in — and welcome spring with open arms!

For more gorgeous printed blinds, have a look at my Pinterest board.

This is a collaborative post with Luxaflex but all thoughts and words — as ever — are entirely my own. Pop and have a look at their website for more blinds, shades and shutters to suit every home.   

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