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Growing so fast | 15 weeks old and 5 days

OHMYGOD!! I can’t believe that another 4 weeks has passed, since the last time I wrote. I’ve totally not been keeping up to date with my diary and the twins are growing so fast now.

I was watching them this morning, after the mid-morning feed, and suddenly had the thought that if I don’t start writing things down, I’m going to forget all these precious milestones. 

Yesterday — at 15 weeks and 4 days (they’ll be 16 weeks on Wednesday!) they clocked each other for the first time!!!!!!!!!

Proper staring — proper recognition!

This is major as they have barely glanced at each other since they were born.

But, for the past few weeks, they’ve been growing so fast and have been SO aware; and greet their daddy or me with a smile and lots of kicking of legs and waving of arms.

But they don’t seem to see each other.

They look through each other and their eyes have a 1000 mile stare when they are opposite one another.

But yesterday morning they were sitting in bed with Richard and I suddenly noticed that they were both gazing intently at each other!!

SUCH a joy to see these two little boys, who have spent the last year in each other’s company — both in the womb and on the earth — looking at each other with interest.

They are amazing.

Feeling Lucky

I feel so privileged that I’m getting to spend so much time with them.

Poor daddy has to go to work to earn a crust, so he’s missing out on all of this.

Still… he spends lots of time with them when he’s home. And — judging by the look on their faces when they see him — he has make a terrific impact on them!

They love him.

Am going to try and write more, as and when things happen, so I can read this back in years to come!


A little update — my twins are growing so fast!
Cosmo-Bear; my serious little Cosmonaut
A little update — my twins are growing so fast!
Bertie-Bean with his 1000 yard stare
A little update — my twins are growing so fast!
So excited that the twins have actually started looking at each other for the first time!
A little update — my twins are growing so fast!
Loving hanging out with these two — feel so lucky to be a mum at last!
Me and my boy
Me and my Twin A

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    • Aaah I’ve just gone back and re-read this!!!! YES! Time really flies. I look at these pics and it could have been just last summer. I can’t believe that I wrote this post almost 5 years ago. Time really does fly xx

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