116 weeks and 2 days | Baby milestones

Since the twins have arrived, I’ve been using my blog to chart their progress and I’ve often noted that they are developing in totally different ways and hitting their baby milestones at totally different speeds.

Cosmo-Bear has been a real conversationist from a tiny age. Even before he could form words that any regular person (other than his mother) could make out, he’s chatted away to whoever will listen. His vocabulary is coming on in leaps and bounds and — at 2 years and nearly 3 months — there’s nothing he likes more than trying out his new words in sentences. He is  just like his father.

A chatterbox.

Bertie-Bean, on the other hand, is more of a do-er; and is slightly less vocal. A few weeks ago I mentioned that he has his own ‘twin-speak’ and many of the words he uses are not fully recognisable as English.

Twinglish maybe?

I’ve *almost* been at the point where I feel we need to have him assessed — just to make sure that he’s not slipping behind in his development. But rather than cause unnecessary fuss, we chose to wait a while longer. His daddy and I have been watching him carefully and noted that he can say certain words with no problem at all.

It’s weird. It’s like he can’t be bothered to learn a new word when he’s quite happy with his own.

Then yesterday, we had a bit of a break-through.

I’ve said before that Bertie makes the sound of an animal, rather than calling it by it’s name. It was lunchtime and the boys were sat at the kitchen table in their highchairs. Cosmo had dropped one of the Jelly-Cat monkeys on the floor and started pointing to it, saying:

‘Ooh-Ooh-Ooh is on the floor! Ooh-Ooh-Ooh!!’

Now, I know he can say ‘monkey’.  And Cosmo know’s, I know, he can say ‘monkey’. So I said:

‘I don’t understand? What is on the floor? What is Ooh-Ooh-Ooh?’

This went on for a couple of minutes, then clear as a bell, Bertie looked me right in the eye and said:


Amazing. So he can say the words. He clearly just wasn’t ready before. And herein this little tale lies a very gentle reminder.

Never compare.

I have two children, who were born forty seconds apart. They’re being brought up in exactly the same way so it’s difficult not to compare. But this was a stark reminder to me that my two little monkeys may be cut from the same cloth but they are very different in so many ways. Hitting their baby milestones at different rates is nothing to worry about. They’re just getting around to things in their own sweet time.

There’s no rush.

baby milestones
Two little monkeys | Baby milestones

I’m linking up with my lovely friend Heledd — at Running In Lavender — for her Captured Moments linky. Whilst this captured moment is literal, rather than pictorial, it’s a moment in time that I want to treasure. Capturing these amazing moments in my boys’ lives are what make this blogging malarkey so very special.

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17 thoughts on “116 weeks and 2 days | Baby milestones”

  1. So true Hun. I wrote a post last year about comparing. This however, is eloquently written. My two are so different. We nurture nature at the end of the day. Not control. We guide and support. You are an amazing mummy. And eeer wow!! 40 seconds?? Mine are 2 minutes apart! Xxxx

    • It’s weird isn’t it? I think it’s human nature but this was such a good reminder for me not to do it. Bertie isn’t the same as Cosmo — he has a totally different skill set. Even at this young age I can see that. What happened yesterday just made me take a step back and realise it :)

      And yes — 40 seconds!!! The were all high fiving each other!! The whole process only took 12 minutes. They were actually born in the same minute, but for legal reasons they put Cosmo down as being the minute after!! X xxxx

  2. I absolutely love this. It made me smile. Your little boys sound gorgeous. It is so easy to compare. I often compare Little Miss H to her group of friends. So it must be hard not to compare your twin boys. I have come to learn that children do everything when they are ready. I often worry that Little Miss H isn’t doing something. But then all of a sudden she starts doing it and I wonder why I was worrying. She just does it in her own Little Miss H time. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS Little Miss H has that jelly Cat monkey as a comforter. He is called Maxi the Monkey and is her best friend in all the world.

    • It’s really, really hard NOT to compare. Particularly when you have two, growing up — side-by-side — in front of your very eyes. This was a good lesson. I just need to try and remember it the next time I worry that one of the boys isn;t doing something that the other has started doing!! X

  3. Thanks so much pet. It’s odd isn’t it? Just goes to show the nature — rather than nurture — is pretty prevalent. Thanks for hosting such a lovely linky xx

  4. Oh yes! As a fellow twin- Mummy I can say that mine have developed differently and are quite far apart sometimes, then they catch up! Your two little boys are so sweet and I cannot believe how quickly they are coming on xxxx Jess x

  5. It’s so true. My 9yo’s homework this week is about his baby milestones. In true worst Mummy fashion, I can’t remember when he first smiled, spoke, walk, rolled over.. I got out the red book. It’s almost all completed. I got out the 5yo’s and compared and they were very similar in things like first teeth, but walking and talking & rolling over, very different. Even now they are hugely different. And I love and celebrate it!

    • Aaah that’s SO lovely to hear :) And good for you, filling out the red books!! I would have to refer back to my blog to be able to see the boy’s baby milestones!! I have been so rubbish at filling out the books!! Thanks for stopping by! x

  6. This really made me smile! And serves as a reminder never to compare, even for me, so that means I shouldn’t start thinking baby boy will do all the same things as the toddler, especially as I am sure I have rose tinted glasses with the toddlers achievements!


  7. Great post, I try not to compare Monkey but sometimes I can’t help myself! Although I am so much more conscious of it now and reprimand myself! Thank you for the reminder :) #kidscorner

    • It’s hard not to, but every once in a while something happens to remind me that I shouldn’t do it. There really is no point — they all get there in the end. Thanks so much for hosting xx

  8. aww bless him what a lovely moment, they’re all so different its easy to compare siblings or with friends children so I imagine twins must be even more so, but at his age he sounds like hes doing great! thanks for linking up to #kidscorner

    • Thanks so much lovely — they’re TOTALLY different aren’t they? I think we forget that even though children are the same age, they’re all little individuals and take things at their own pace x


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