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Vlog Club | My Top Five Beauty Products

Some of my blogging buddies and I were chatting recently about the fact that we’d not vlogged for a while.

When you’re not used to speaking in front of a camera, it can feel a little bit daunting and having a *reason* to vlog is definitely a better incentive than just speaking off-the-cuff — particularly if it’s something you don’t feel too confident doing!

We all agreed that it was definitely something we enjoyed and would like to practice more and, as a result, we’ve decided to start a little vlogging club.

Vlog Club is a new monthly link up where some of my friends and I all share a video of our Top Five. The theme changes every month and we’ll each send you off to look at another vlog.

You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the videos.

This month’s theme is ‘Top Five Beauty Products’.

Aaah beauty products.

We all have our favourites don’t we? Even my boy gravitates towards the same kind of products each time.

I used to be the the kind of girl who loved a shiny new ad campaign. Particularly one that reeled off a load of ‘must have’ new ingredients — retinol, phyto-complex’s, peptides, algae, pro V — and promised younger looking skin, see-your-face-in shiny hair or Persil white teeth.

Oops wrong advert.

These days, I’ve come to realise that the promises are ‘probably’ all a load of old Bosewlox and — particularly as I’ve got older — my impulse buys have become less and less and the range of beauty products that I invest in have become fewer and fewer.

As a result, the ones that I buy regularly are now real firm favourites.

This month’s little vlog post gives a run down of my essential top five beauty products — my go-to must-haves — that I’m never without and that make me feel as though I’m looking my best.

Now, I’m not saying that you must all rush out and buy them — as what works for me may not work for you — but I’m definitely standing by everything I’ve chosen and would highly recommend all five. Have a look and apologies for the unbrushed hair!*

*Note to self: MUST make more of an effort next time!! ;)

This month, I’m sending you to Lucy at Mrs Hs Favourite things. Pop along and have a look at her top five beauty products!

If you vlog and would like to get involved, you can email any of us who have films in the linky box below and we’ll send you the details. We’d love you to join in!

PS — just a quick note to say I’m not being paid in any way, shape or form for this review. These products are genuine favourites and I’ve included them in this vlog because I love them! :)

**Little update — I’ve since found out that Benefit Cosmetics have discontinued Babe Cake — quelle surprise — and there’s also some question over whether Naked Shine have gone bust or been taken over.

Ahh me. Such is life — what was I saying about everything I love being discontinued?! You just couldn’t make it up could you?!!


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  1. Yay I’m so excited about this. Can’t wait to join in. How long is the Linky open for? I’m in Spain for the rest of the week and the wifi is too slow to upload YouTube vids… Xxx


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