My Twin Pregnancy

Finding out that you’re expecting twins can evoke a whole host of different emotions. Elation, confusion, anxiety, happiness.

If you’ve had assisted conception you may already know that there is a possibility that you have two on board. For some people twins run in the family, for others it’s a fluke of nature; the egg splits or two eggs are released and fertilised during one cycle.

However it happens, when you find out that your ‘baby’ is actually babies nothing quite prepares you for how you’ll feel; during your first scan, when the sonographer confirms there are, in fact, two heartbeats.

When I found out about my twin pregnancy my boy and I had been trying for a baby for many years. We were more than ready to be parents and we were over the moon. That said, it had been such an arduous journey to get to that point that I almost didn’t dare believe that it was really true, until well into my pregnancy. The following 12 posts chart my journey from 17 weeks — when I started writing my blog diary — right up to when our twins arrived at 36 weeks.

For anyone reading who has just found out you’re pregnant with twins ‘Congratulations!’ Being a parent of multiples is an incredible experience! Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

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