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111 weeks and 1 day | Me and Mine April 2015

Me and Mine April 2015. Spring is in full boom and April is over for another year.

The last 30 days have flown by. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing our Me and Mine post for March and already I’m writing our family’s round up for the following month. S.L.O.W.  D.O.W.N.

Time is going too fast!!

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April has been all about friends and family. 

Every weekend has been spent with various groups of friends; often with children (lots of children), sometimes without. Lazy long lunches; the adults catching up over copious bottles of wine, whilst the children play.

These weekends are my very favourite.

Our house has been full of laughter and noise.  Often culminating in a dining room table full of empty glasses and dirty plates — testimony to my boy’s fantastic culinary skills (wow — that man can cook) — and lots of happy memories.


We celebrated Easter and I got my creative head on. I made salt dough Easter decorations and Easter bonnets.

I up-cycled  a piece of furniture I’d fallen out of love with. A lick of paint and some pretty drawer-knobs was all it needed to transform it from shrinking violet to something I’ll treasure.

I tried my hand at a spot of flower arranging! I’d been asked to take part in a styling challenge and took up the gauntlet and created a rainbow of colour with flowers from our garden.

Talking of which, the Twinkles’ daddy has spent many happy hours pottering out there recently; he’s planted and sown and tidied.

At the moment the garden is looking beautiful. I must remember to take some pics and create a little diary entry — it would be such a shame to let it pass without making a record of it.

Me and mine
Me and mine

Our little corner of England absolutely deserves a little mention on my blog; it’s putting on such a show out there at the mo. Everything looks so fresh and new. The colours are gorgeous — it’s certainly a sight for sore eyes after such a grey and dour winter.

Me and mine
Me and mine
Me and mine

Me and Mine April 2015

The Twinkles have had an amazing month too.  As the weather has been kinder to us, they’ve spent lots of time outdoors. Their nursery has created an extension to ‘the two’s room’, which now leads out onto an amazing decked area. The littlies can run in and out, as they please, and as a result the boys have spent most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings playing outside  in the fresh air.

A pony has been into nursery, a lamb, a rabbit. They’ve even had a visit from a bearded dragon. They’re so fortunate to go to such a lovely place.  And it’s absolutely clear, by their happy little faces and excited chatter, when I collect them just how much they love it.

We went down to the capital city to stay with our friends; my best forgot how many people she’d invited for lunch on the Sunday, so we ended up with a raucous table full of our favourite Londoners. No point just seeing a couple of people on a weekend anyway is there?! As there are only 52 weekends in a year — and some of those are given over to Christmas and holidays — you may as well pack as many friends into one weekend as possible, to ensure you manage to see everyone on a regular basis! ;)

Last weekend I went to my first blogging conference. I met my lovely new friends finally! I speak to a group of girls on a daily basis and it was so lovely to see some of them in ‘real-life’.

And finally, my lovely mum turned up yesterday out of the blue. There was a bit of a mix-up as she thought we’d arranged it — we hadn’t — but I was delighted to see her anyway! We’ve just spent a lovely couple of days together. We went to a farm and she fed  the lambs. Seeing her face as she held the bottle out to them was priceless — something I’ll never forget.

Gosh — just thinking about everything we’ve packed into this month is making my head spin. April has been epic. And the best of it is, the year has practically just begun! Many, many more weeks of sunny, happy times ahead of us. The summer is just around the corner and we have a long weekend coming right up. Heaven.

So just to re-cap for me and mine in April.

This month’s highs ~
• Every weekend spent with our lovely friends, old friends, new friends, neighbours.
• Seeing both sets of our parents and spending time with them.
• Watching the garden come to life.
• Seeing how engaged and happy the boys are at nursery.
• Going to Blog Camp and meeting Bonita, JessHayley, Sarah, Kate and Aby.
• A day at the farm yesterday and seeing my mum’s face when she got to feed the lambs (aww bless).
• Getting the time to do some lovely creative projects.

This month’s lows ~
• Apart from it going too fast — no lows this month!

Me and mine
Me and Mine
Me and Mine | April 2015

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  1. Oh what gorgeous pictures! Your little boys are starting to look rather alike – to me, at least.

    • It’s funny you should say that Amber — I thought just the same the other day! Some days they look very, very different and others they look quite the same x

  2. Ah these are fab! and love the gilets, we have this for our boy too! x

    • Thanks so much Natalie :) The gilets were a mad purchase in February last year! I bought size 2-3 and put them away in a drawer, for them to wear this year! It’s so nice to have things to look forward to dressing them in :)

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