106 weeks and 6 days | Me and Mine March 2015

Me and Mine March 2015. What a brilliant, eventful month!

March has always been a good month for us as my boy celebrates his birthday but with the arrival of our little sons, we now have another TWO birthdays to look forward to!

It’s been such a lovely month too.

The spring flowers are out in the garden, we’ve had some better weather and the clocks have just gone forward! Hurrah to that. Altogether a recipe for happier times.

What Have We Been Up To?

March saw us go to Bluestone, in Wales, for a little family holiday.

We had such a brilliant time. The accommodation was fabulous and the amount of things to do for the Twinkles was really incredible!

SO many good things to keep them — and us — entertained!

We also visited a fantastic zoo, whilst we were in Pembrokeshire, called Folly Farm. They’ve just won best day out in Wales — for 2015 — and I can absolutely see why. There is so much to do for little ones. 

The Twinkles had a ball playing with diggers and looking at the animals. 

You can read all about our adventures at Folly Farm in this post.

The Twinkles enjoying the diggers at Folly Farm
Watching the penguins at Folly Farm

Me and Mine March 2015

I’ve been so busy with work — and life in general — that quite a few of the blog posts I’ve been planning to write are still in the ideas stages!

I took part in the Spring Surprise Project organised by the lovely Lucy who writes at Capture By Lucy.

I absolutely loved choosing and making the gifts for my allocated partner; and, equally, loved receiving the lovely presents she’d chosen for me!

Every weekend, this past month has been chock full of fun things. As well as our little trip to Wales, we’ve had long, lazy lunches with friends, my boy and I visited the set of Coronation Street, in Manchester, which was epic! 

The boys’ godmummy looked after them overnight and we got to have a night away in a hotel, which was a real treat.

Backstage passes to the set of Corrie
On the famous cobbles!

Celebration Central

We celebrated my second Mother’s Day!

A vast improvement on last year, that’s for sure! My first Mother’s Day was ruined slightly marred by the fact that both boys had a tummy bug. It was memorable but not in a nice way! This year I celebrated with my own mummy — and daddy — which was lovely :)

We also had a little tea party in honour of my babies turning two.  I made a birthday cake — the first of many, for them, no doubt!

I had planned to make a rainbow cake but, as ever, left things until the last minute and ran out of time to buy the food colouring paste. A bit of swift thinking — and a Pinterest search — saved the day and I made this little beauty instead!

The Twinkles birthday cake!
Singing ‘happy birthday’!

And, finally, last weekend we had a houseful of our lovely friends staying and cooked for 15 people on Sunday. Noisy, busy and chaotic — just how I like it!

The perfect end to a pretty perfect month. So to sum up our month, in a nutshell.

This month’s highs ~
• Birthday celebrations for all 3 of my boys!
• Our little holiday to Bluestone.
• A day out at Folly Farm.
• Taking part in the Spring Surprise Project.
• The clocks going forward.

This month’s lows ~
• Ending the month with Cosmo Bear feeling poorly and missing out on nursery today.
The comments made by D&G about IVF.

Me and Mine for March…

Me and Mine | March 2015
Me and Mine | March 2015

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  1. Firstly, wow-wee, that cake is amazing!!! Secondly, how gorgeous are your boys!! These are really beautiful pics of the four of you and so glad you had fun at Bluestone and FF. We are visiting in June and I can’t wait x

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