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Happy Birthday Little Blog! The Listed Home is 4

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So now you are 4.

My demanding, time consuming— sometimes irritating —amazing virtual baby.

My third child.

My blog.

I just read last year’s blog birthday post and I just can’t believe where the last year has taken us.

We’ve been given opportunities that I could have only dreamed of. And have been lucky enough to be appointed ambassadors for some incredible brands.

The Great Little Trading Testing Team

I found out on my birthday this year that we’d been chosen to be on the Great Little Trading Company testing team.

Literally one of the best jobs in the entire world; we’ve been able to try out some fantastic products. I’ve felt very proud indeed to be part of their little family.

I have reviewed things and give you the lowdown on whether they work well — such as the bed in a bag . Or taken products and shown different uses for them. The pegboard that made a fantastic jewellery tidy — and I’ve even taken some of their wares and turned them into something totally different and new; making wallpaper into circle fan decorations for example.

For a girl like me, who likes to create pictures and stories, it’s a dream collaboration.

A Mark Warner Mum

But if that wasn’t enough, a month later, I found out that the little film entry that I’d made for the #MarkWarnerMum competition had won and we joined the Mark Warner team of family bloggers for 2016/17.

As part of our prize, we were were able to choose one sun and one ski holiday. Given the fact my boy and I had not had a holiday abroad for 6 years; that was a definite pinch me moment.

I cried when I found out. Proper fat tears rolling down my face, like a big child.

Taking my three boys to Sardinia in July was incredible. And we’ve got another adventure to come next year, when we go skiing in Tignes.

We’ve been Camp Bestival bloggers for a second year, have been on lots of lovely days out and met many amazing people on the way.

blog birthday cupcake

My Space On The Internet

To say that this blog is ‘just a little space on the internet’ would be a massive understatement.

My virtual diary has taken on a persona of it’s own. It’s been adopted by our entire family — friends and relatives ask ‘how’s the blog?’, as though it was a real person.

It has helped me unravel my thoughts when times are tough.

I find writing a really cathartic exercise but unlike a conventional diary, a blog also promotes discussion and response. It’s lovely to be able to write down my feelings. And have others, in the same boat, read and respond to what I’ve written.

This blog has recorded every major milestone since my precious boys were born. It’s borne witness to the happiest times of our lives — and the saddest too.

When I began that first post, four years ago, I didn’t have any kind of agenda. I didn’t worry whether I’d still be writing in a year, or three; or if anyone would even read my ramblings.

I didn’t — for a second — think that I’d still be writing after four years. Or that my little corner of a vast virtual landscape would be the bearer of so much good fortune.

Happy Birthday Little Blog

Don’t get me wrong, invariably it’s hard to keep on top of everything.

Trying to hold down a job. Be the best mother and wife I can. As well as creating content for The Listed Home is knackering sometimes.

I’m often left thinking that there really, truly, aren’t enough hours in the day and wondering why I’m spreading myself so thin.

But then I remember why I began this blog in the first place and that’s all the motivation I need to carry on.

To be able to preserve the memories that we’re making for the boys is the most precious thing. To be able to look back and see what we were doing a month, or a year ago — even longer — is amazing.

And to be given incredible opportunities off the back of that is nothing short of extraordinary.

I love this little virtual diary — feel so proud that it’s still here — and grateful to it for providing me with new friends, a new career and amazing memories for my three boys.

So happy birthday little blog — here’s to the next 12 months.


Happy birthday little blog! The Listed Home is 4
Happy birthday little blog — four today!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Blog! The Listed Home is 4”

    • Awww this message has just made my day. I LOVE our group — I thank my lucky stars for you all — and am so grateful to blogging for bringing us all together. Love you lots xx

  1. Huge congrats darling, you deserve it all and more. I turn 6 on the 10th of this month, funny we both started in November. Hope you celebrate today x

    • Aaah thanks so much Vixter — I’m celebrating now with a large glass of red and toasting my little blog. Yes — weird that we both started in November. And I didn’t tell any of my friends or family (apart from my boy) until last year!!! I felt so shy about it at first. And now I’m so proud to tell people. As you should be — you’re SUCH a success story!!! Happy blog birthday to you too lovely xx

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