Dolly The Caravan Goes Camping

These captured moments were taken last year.

It was July and we’d taken Dolly The Vintage Caravan to a farm nearby our home; for a camping weekend with a couple of other families.

It was a baking hot weekend and our friends were due to arrive,  from London,  later on in the day. We’d finished setting up camp and I’d wandered off with the camera.

It’s such a beautiful place.

The view from the hill is magical. There are not many places, in the UK,  that still have views of unbroken countryside.

These days, the skyline is littered with pylons, telephone lines and windmills.

Dolly The Caravan in all her glory
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

A little slice of heaven…

This is a rare place indeed.

We’re lucky enough that the farm is owned by the parents of some really good friends. As a result,  we’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time there.

There’ve been festivals and parties held there. And since having the boys,  there’s nothing we like better than to head off in Dolly The Caravan. On a spur of the moment camping trip.

Taking the littles camping is something I LOVE.

Particularly when it’s to a non-commercial campsite! Being able to kick of your shoes and run about freely — and safely — is a gorgeous feeling. For adults and children alike.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can do it all over again!

These pictures remind me so well of such a lovely weekend!

Everything was so quiet. And as I came back to the van, I could see my three favourite boys; sitting at the table, with the most glorious view behind them.

We’re so lucky to live in this beautiful country. Memories,  like these,  are ones to be treasured.

Camping Scenes with Dolly The Caravan

The boys enjoying a drink in the sunshine…
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.
My world, right there.
Photo Credit: The Listed Home.

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