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35 weeks and 2 days | Happy Birthday Little Blog! {Some thoughts on starting a blog}

It’s my favourite day of the week again! :)

The sun has been shining and whilst it’s fairly cold outside it’s been a beautiful, blue sky, sort of day. Lovely.

I suddenly realised earlier that my little blog has just celebrated it’s first birthday!! I began writing it, a year ago last week — the 6th November —  which this year was ‘The Day of the Egg‘. No wonder I failed to remember on the day itself (there was a lot happening last Wednesday)!

I remember vividly, writing that first post. I felt really quite apprehensive about starting a blog; almost as though I would jinx myself by charting my pregnancy.

I’m so glad though, looking back, that I did. It’s lovely looking over those posts! Remembering how it felt to have my two little passengers on board; feeling them move and turn, hearing their heartbeats.

In that first post, I wrote that my babies were only the size of sweet potatoes (I used to get sent emails from a well known pregnancy website, with insightful analogies of how big my growing foetus’ were).

That particular week, it was a sweet potato.

Amazing now, to think that my sweet-potatoes are now living breathing babies. With cuddly arms and chunky legs. Smiling faces and bright eyes. My sweet potatoes are real life boys! No longer an unknown entity on a sonographer’s screen. They are with me, here in this very house! Dickie and I used to go to those ultrasound appointments and marvel, that the funny little shapes we were looking at were our children. We used to talk about what they’d be like… who they’d look like… how on earth we were were going to cope with TWO babies?

And now they are here!! And we have coped — admirably. My boy and I were destined to be parents; even though the journey just took a while longer and the path a little steeper than that of our friends. I’m so glad we didn’t give up. Things could be so different now, had we have done.

Perhaps our ability to cope has been bolstered by the wait?

At situations that others are angered or exasperated by, we just laugh. I can’t remember an occasion in the last 8 months — to do with the babies — where I have felt cross with them. I’m sure that it will happen at some point — probably on a day when I’ve semi-forgotten the hopelessness of trying to conceive for so long or the crippling sadness of losing a much-yearned-for baby. And whilst I’ll never fully forget, I think the joy of watching my two little miracles grow and change, each day, will smooth the sharp edges off the painful memories.

Until, eventually, there will come a day that I am so fully in the swing of being their mama, that I will bellow like a fishwife, because their shoes are covered in mud and they’ve just climbed all over the sofa or they’ve scribbled all over my favourite book.

Until then, I will continue to smile at the things that could be considered annoying.

Happy Friday everyone and a very happy first birthday to my blog — so glad I started you — here’s to many more years of memories.


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