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Me and Mine March | Featuring Lighthouse Clothing

Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for Lighthouse Clothing.

A big thanks to the lovely folk at Lighthouse Clothing for our fabulous jackets. They were very welcome attire and perfect for keeping us all toasty and warm in the wind and rain.

My boys are 160 weeks and 1 day. Three years old. How did that happen so quickly?

It’s been birthday central for us this month. It’s my big, man-shaped, boy’s birthday at the beginning of March— which has always been cause for celebration — closely followed by the twins’.

We had a pirate party for the littles — SUCH a fun theme for a child’s birthday —and it gave mama the perfect excuse to go a *little* bit crackers with decorating the house in all things pirate (OK — so I went quite a lot crackers but it was so worth it!).

Then last weekend was Easter. Cue an egg hunt for the twins, followed by a lovely weekend in Yorkshire, visiting my brother-in-law and his family.

So nice to get away.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, as it is, but the part of Yorkshire that we visited —Hockney country — has the most amazing ‘big skies’.

Beautiful vistas, great expanses of moor and grassy hills.

It was lovely to walk in unspoilt countryside and gulp in lungfuls of fresh, clean air. Walk along windswept beaches and eat salty chips with our fingers.

We ambled through villages and saw little newborn lambs and met a couple of friendly donkeys.

And of course — which is obligatory at Easter — we ate enough chocolate to sink a ship.

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Introducing Lighthouse Clothing

We were lucky enough to have been sent some gorgeous jackets from a lovely new company too —  Lighthouse Clothing — which was pretty apt as we were beach-bound one afternoon. Gorgeous quality — the perfect springtime outerwear as they’re fully waterproof — and bright enough to give a much-needed shot of colour to the greyest of days.

Even though they’re lightweight, they did a fantastic job of keeping us cosy, against the chilly cold north wind that was howling around our ears.

And, my gosh, did it howl.

Storm Katie was battering the UK and we nearly got swept off our feet at times!

Blowing away the cobwebs on Filey beach
Not quite sandy beach and flip flops, but hey
Salty seaside chips — the best kind there are!
The Twinkles wearing Skipper Nautical coats ; Bertie in Pea Green Stripe and Cosmo in Bright Blue Boat.

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we climbed to the top of a hill.

I sometimes forget how little the boys are — it must have been like climbing Snowdon for them. Their tiny little legs gave out at times and they had to have a little bit of help from daddy and Uncle Mike.

It was really worth the walk though; the views were stunning.

Bertie getting a piggy back with daddy
Beautiful big skies
Mama sheep and her baby
Saying hi to the lambs

Back down in the village we met wildlife of a different variety.

Two little donkeys — a mum and her baby. So sweet and quite appropriate given it was Easter.

Little donkey
Bertie getting up close and personal with the village residents
My boy wearing Rigger in Ink. The perfect attire for a country gentleman; fully waterproof with taped seams and a jaunty checked lining — he loved it as it has a clever concealed hood (perfect for when the heavens decided to open and give us all a good soaking).

We had such an awesome weekend.

So lovely to spend some quality time with our extended family and a real treat to hang out in such a beautiful setting too. We’re so lucky to live on this little island. Brits love to moan about the weather but actually I think we all secretly like the wind and the rain, at times.

It’s lovely to wrap up warm and get some colour into our cheeks. Plus it gives a good excuse to retreat and hunker down inside afterwards with blankets and hot chocolate.

Bright and breezy in our lovely new jackets
Nautical styling
I wore the Fayda Waterproof Parka in Watermelon. The brightest, hottest coral colour that you can imagine and the loveliest thing about it is, it’s nipped in at the waist, which is so flattering.
Me and my loves

March has been such a great month. Happy birthdays, high days and holidays. Perfect.

Fingers crossed we’ll have more like it as the year rolls on.

So in a nutshell:

This month’s highs ~
• My boy’s birthday.
• The Twinkles’ Birthday
• A weekend in Yorkshire with the family.
• An Easter-egg hunt

This month’s lows ~
• Nada. Zip. Nothing, thankfully :)

Me and Mine | March 2016

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors you’ll LOVE what they’ve got to offer. Pop along and have a look at their range.

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  1. CUTE!!!! The boys look so cute and love all your coats so stylish and perfect for a walk ont he beach. Those chips….

    You’ve had a busy month- but love that you have not one low xxx

    • Aaah thanks gorgeous. It was SUCH a lovely month!! I could have said that a low was not losing any weight at SW but how could I when there are lovely seaside chips to eat??? LOL!! ;)

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