Resolutions, Revolutions & Papercut Art!

I can’t believe that we’re into a brand new year! Christmas threw us a bit of a curve-ball, what with my dad being taken ill, so we’ve been in a state of suspended animation for the last few days. Holding our breath until we knew that he was going to be OK. It looks like all of our crossed fingers and silent prayers have been answered though and — thankfully — he will hopefully leave hospital next week.

Seeing your nearest and dearest wired up to tubes and lying, helpless, in a hospital bed certainly gives you a different perspective on things. That old adage ‘Carpe Diem’ — seize the day — never felt more relevant.

Which is why my resolutions and hopes for the year ahead have shifted slightly. So, in no particular order, here they are…


Number 1.

I am going to squash as much as I can into every day.

I’m already a wife, mother of twins, daughter, sister, friend, designer, business owner… and many other titles (depending on the time of day, day of the week) but I am going to do even more.

Number 2.

Grow my blog. Go from a free WordPress site to self hosted. Write — as well as I can — as often as I can, about things that interest me.

I have no intention of being a full time blogger. I simply haven’t the time — ultimately I already have a full time job — so I’ll leave that to the professionals but I do want to increase the content.

Instead of writing purely about my babies and their milestones and development — which I’ll still do, as that is the fundamental reason for starting my blog in the first place — I’m also going to write about other stuff.

Stuff that I like, don’t like, stuff other people may like.

Number 3.

I’m going to go to a blogging conference. Not sure which one yet; I need to collaborate with some of the lovely bloggers I’ve met on Twitter and find out where they’re going this year. It’s been so lovely, chatting with everyone ‘virtually’, I think a proper face-to-face catch up is on the cards. There are a few bloggers who I find a real inspiration — they are also mothers and career women. I love their blogs and am so inspired by them and the voices behind them.

It’s amazing to be given so much encouragement and offered the hand of friendship by people who you’ve never actually met in real life.

But, sticking by the rules of real life, friendships need to be nurtured and maintained and, in order to do this, you need to make the time to see your friends every once in a while. A blogging expo will be the perfect opportunity to do this!

Number 4.

Grow my product ranges.

I have SO many ideas for new product lines this year. I ended last year on a real high with my Christmas decorations and cake toppers. They sold really well on my Not On The High Street pages. I just need to pull my finger out and add them to my own website.

I’m also going to create more papercuts too. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing over the last year and now want to start selling them on a commercial basis.


So, 2015, you are the year for making — doing — taking the bull by the horns and causing a revolution.

Seeing my daddy lying in that hospital bed has given me a stark reminder that life is short. There’s no point putting things off until tomorrow.

As a clever marketeer once said, ‘Just do it’.



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a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.


a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

6 thoughts on “Resolutions, Revolutions & Papercut Art!”

  1. I hope your dad is still on the mend. xx
    Wow!! How clever are you?!! I love paper cutting crafts, I wish I was patient enough to give it a try!
    Come to Britmums, I am going and apparently it is so much fun! I have only been to Blogfest so have no idea what to expect but I am sure it will be fab! Happy new year! x

    • Thanks so much for reading lovely – and for your generous comment!! My pops is on the mend, thanks to the amazing NHS staff. He should be leaving hospital next week; not bad going for a man who nearly bled to death a week ago!!
      I’d LOVE to come to Britmums – the cost is a bit of a worry at the mo – would so love to meet you all!! I need to make a plan!

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