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Home Etc #153 | August Edition {Creating an Indoor Salad Garden}

Welcome to the August edition of Home Etc!

After a glorious week in the wilds of Dorset, I’m back home and trying to navigate work with parenting duties, as the boys are enjoying their first summer holiday off school.

And this is literally the summer that keeps on giving isn’t it?

Apart from a minor blip when we were at Camp Bestival — hurricane style winds and monsoon rain — we’ve had sunshine that made us feel as though we were in the Algarve, rather than Dorset.

The soaring temperatures meant that we returned home to an overgrown garden, parched grass and an allotment full of giant vegetables.

Talking of gardens, last month’s favourite Home Etc post was an amazing hack, turning an old cot side into a stylish indoor salad garden.

I love this kind of clever upcycling; taking something with little-to-no use and turning it into something brilliantly useful.

indoor salad garden made out of a cot side | august Home Etc favourite

indoor salad garden | august Home Etc favourite
Images courtesy of Pinks Charming

How Becky thought that the side of an old cot would make a fantastic DIY indoor salad garden is beyond me — but it really works!!

I’ve used step ladders, as an outdoor plant display, but never something like this for an indoor display.

Have you ever used something like this to create a garden feature?


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