Home Etc #110

It’s so weird to be hosting Home Etc by myself. I’ve done it on the odd occasion when Jess was on holiday but now I’m all on my own!

*Starts singing ‘All By Myself’ Bridget Jones stylee…*

The Home Etc Favourite

Last week we had some gorgeous posts linking in but our very favourite came from fabulous Home Etc newcomer, Meera, who blogs at Arty Home. She shared her absolutely gorgeous bedroom makeover.

We loved everything about it. From the wall colour to clever way she’s sprayed a lamp to tie in with the theme. So beautiful and definitely a relaxing retreat which would promote a restful sleep.

Home Etc
Images courtesy of Arty Home

7 thoughts on “Home Etc #110”

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for choosing my bedroom! Can I ask a little favour, please? If you could you link to my blog post where you’ve written Arty Home, that would be super! Ta muchly :-)

    • OH GOSH!!! I’m SO sorry Meera!!!!! I thought I’d added a link to your blog. I usually do although — in my defence — I was typing my post late the night before I published it!! So sorry — have rectified it and linked back to your post! Thanks s much for linking up — it’s SO fab to have you as part of our lovely little community!! :)

    • No worries at all, thank you very much for adding the link :-). And thank you for your lovely words! I love your linky, thank you for hosting it!

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