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Bobux Shoes Review {Siblings August}

Disclosure: The twins were given two pairs of shoes each so that we could create our Bobux shoes review. This is an unpaid post. but all thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.


Siblings August? But it’s September, I hear you cry.

Yep. Late again.

There’s a pattern emerging here.

Life has been ridiculously crazy over the last couple of months — I feel like a hamster on a wheel to be honest. Forever running but not really ever managing to break the cycle or catch up.

August flew by in such a whirlwind, bookended by festivals; we began the month down in Dorset for Camp Bestival and ended it at Shambala.

This week we’ve been decorating — the house is upside down, as (still) is my she-shed — and all the bits in between have been a blur.

The boys have really good structure to their weeks; Mondays is the day we have together, Tuesday and Thursday they’re at pre-school from 9 until just before 6 and Wednesday and Friday they have a half day (9 til 1).

I wish that I could say my weeks were as structured!

Still, this time apart is good for all of us.

Counting Down For School

Their time at nursery has given me the chance to (try to) catch up on work and it’s also preparing them for school, this time next year.

Not quite sure I have even typed that last sentence.

School, this time next year?

It seems like just weeks ago that my tiny boys were born. Days since we met them for the first time.

How can it be years already?

How can they be grown up enough to be ready for school in just one more year. It seems ridiculous.

They’re growing and changing at such a rate.

Clothes are being outgrown; lots sent off to charity but favourite items are being put away. For what reason, I couldn’t say.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever have any more children, so they’ll never be worn again, but I diligently fold up my very favourite things and put them away for safe keeping.

Tiny soft shoes that used to be too big are now much too small. Velvety soft booties have been replaced by super cool trainers.

Introducing Bobux Shoes

Which brings me on to a fabulous kids footwear company I’ve discovered.

It’s a New Zealand brand called Bobux.

Whilst the boys’ shoes have moved on from soft soled shoes, I don’t want their footwear to be hard and uncomfortable.

Bobux have worked with leading podiatrists to create a range of shoes for each stage that a child goes through.

Their shoes mimic the freedom of barefeet, whilst providing enough protection for little feet to do all the things that a three year old gets up to.

Bertie and Cosmo have literally lived in their Bobux sandals throughout the summer. They’ve got gorgeously soft straps — so no blisters on sensitive baby skin — and flexible soles to ensure they can run, jump and climb with ease.

Bobux shoes
My two little monkeys in their Bobux shoes
Bobux shoes
Green for Bertie
Bobux shoes
Blue for Cosmo
Bobux shoes
Supersoft and comfy for little feet

Our Bobux Shoes Review

Bobux shoes
Plus Bobux shoes not only look good but are kind to little feet

And on the days when they’ve needed a little extra protection — and particularly now as the weeks begin to turn cooler — their über-cool Bobux Attica shoes have really come into their own.

They’re perfect for everyday wear and have the clever Bobux technology that ensures the twins’ feet are supported properly.

Bobux shoes
Too cheeky by half!!
Bobux shoes
We LOVE these Attica shoes
Bobux shoes
Clever soles — designed for growing feet (apologies for the dirty feet!! Airports are not the cleanest places!)
Bobux shoes
Supercool styling — and supersoft too
Bobux shoes
Little sparrow legs :)
Bobux shoes
My cool kids in their cool Bobux shoes

I’m so, so impressed with Bobux shoes. They look amazing on plus it makes a real change to find a good range cool kids’ footwear that are still kind to little feet.

They’ve just launched their AW16 ranges; I’ve got my eye on the Outback Chelsea boots — I love the fact that the styles come in a range of colours; perfect for twins!! I’m thinking navy for Bertie and Espresso for Cosmo.

Plus they have the most GORGEOUS  metallic silver pair.

Sadly, they only go up to a kids size 11.

Darn it.

bobux shoes

Many thanks to the kind soles souls at Bobux for introducing us to your lovely shoes and bestowing Bertie and Cosmo with their fab footwear in order to create this Bobux Shoes Review.

To see more of our Sardinian adventure — and see the Bobux shoes in action — pop and have a look at our little film.

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am totally off to have a look at their site. They look so comfy and well made! Love this post too! Our boys will be starting school at the same time and am with you on the importance of routine which is why I’m keeping Zach in nursery while I’m off! If I could guarantee that I don’t have to go back to work I’d have moved him to a pre-school! I think this year lead up is going to be so so important! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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