46 weeks and 5 days | Happy, happy, happy anniversary day!

Dear Twinkles,

Thirteen years ago, to this very day, my beautiful boy — your daddy — and I stood up in front of our nearest and dearest and made our vows of marriage.

03.02.01. Such a memorable date.

I’ve spent most of today reminiscing about what we were doing – and at what time – on that day. We were surrounded by our favourite friends and family and — without sounding like a total cliché — it was one of the happiest days of my whole life.

We took over a castle; a beautiful fairytale venue, the perfect place to celebrate our union.

The weather had been vile for the week leading up to it, so I hadn’t had very high hopes for the day. Especially as I woke in the wee small hours of the night before, to hear the rain pattering down on the skylight, in the room that I was sharing with my best friend.

In fact, it’s a wonder I had any sleep that night! I was a bundle of nerves, with your Aunty Laydy snoring like a pig next to me!

Eventually, the morning came and I woke with gritty eyes and a tired head… your godmother stood on our bed and stuck her head out of the skylight, shouting “Laydee!! Look at this!” — I remember lying there thinking ‘Bleurgh. This is my wedding day and I feel like shit’. That train of thought was short lived though, once she’d persuaded me to get out of bed and join her in the skylight.

The rain had vanished and we were left with the most gorgeous, blue sky day. The sun shone from a clear, cloudless, azure sky and the frost glinted on the trees and grass. It was perfect.

We went down for breakfast and I had boiled eggs with soldiers and Marmite. A fitting last breakfast for a single girl.

Laydy, Aunty Jingle and I got ready in a top wing of the castle; people popping in and out to see how we we getting on, house tunes blaring whilst we drank Champagne and danced like maniacs as we were getting ready. It felt like we were getting ready to go out to Turnmills; full of excitement and nervousness for the night day ahead. The enormity of what was just around the corner didn’t hit me until we were just about to walk into the ceremony room. It didn’t feel real. I was SO nervous. It was like every exam I’d ever sat, plus my driving test and visits to the dentist all rolled into one. I was shitting it (to put it mildly).

I walked down the aisle with your Poppa, grasping his arm for dear life, trying not to look at any of the faces in the crowd as we walked towards my soon-to-be husband.

Once I grasped your daddy’s hand though, I felt safe and my nerves began to subside. We said our vows and the room erupted in cheers and clapping when the registrar pronounced that we were man and wife. The relief that we’d finally done it was indescribable!! I remember my face hurt from smiling. It was such a happy, perfect day.

One of our vows has been going round and round my head today…

‘I promise that I will make our home a place full of laughter and be the best parent I can.’

Thirteen years ago we had no idea of the journey ahead of us. We didn’t realise that our quest to become parents would take so long. But, my precious boys, your daddy and I made promises to each other on that day, and promises to you too.

We have spent the last 18 years — since we’ve been together in fact — filling our home with laughter! We’ve always enjoyed each other’s company and make each other laugh on a daily basis. Until now though, we’ve not had the opportunity to practice the other half of that vow.

Thirteen years after I first said it, in front of our family and friends, I promise to be the best parent I can. Those vows are even more relevant today than they were back then.

Each year that passes I love your daddy more and more and count my blessings every day that we’re together. On this day, of every year, I remember our vows and this year I’m so happy that I have fulfilled all of the promises that I made. Happy anniversary day Twinkles! Happy anniversary!







4 thoughts on “46 weeks and 5 days | Happy, happy, happy anniversary day!”

  1. Caro, this is just lovely! I hadn’t seen this post before. It sounds like you had a fantastic day. But what age were you? You look like a teenager!
    We took over a castle in Bavaria for our wedding and had a similar enough day to yours, with an early civil ceremony in the chapel within the castle. Then we went to a proper church for the church wedding (2nd dress, 2nd bouquet).
    You sound like such a happy couple! Long may it continue.

    • Aaaah it was SO amazing. It feels as though it was last weekend — not 15 years ago!!!!! And I wasn’t a teenager — I was 28 when I got married!!!! But thank you :)

      And yes. We are a happy couple. I love him more that I could ever put into words. He’s my best buddy :)

  2. Caro – you literally are on of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. The happiness in your face makes you even more so.

    I have just literally felt like I was reading the best love story ever, as I do whenever you talk of your big boy.

    A fantastic post, I am glad I got to read xx

    • Awww Kara — bless you lovely — that comment has made me feel a bit tearful!!! And yes. My big, man shaped, boy is the love of my life. I only have to think of him and I feel all happy. I’m a lucky, lucky girl to have met him! Can’t believe we’ll have been together 21 years in May. It’s NUTS. Feels like half that!! xxxx

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