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178 weeks | Me and Mine July 2016

July was such a full month. Pregnant and full of goodness.

We began the month in Sardinia, on our very first family holiday together. And we’ve ended it at Camp Bestival — more on that to come!

July also saw my boy and I host our annual family barbecue (I’ve mentioned this once before).

It all began around 8 or 9 years ago, with just the two of us and our parents; in celebration of fathers’ day.

Then the following year — as we’d invited our parents for a replay — my sister and her husband gatecrashed, as she wanted to spend time with our dad too.

(Along with my sister in law and her husband, for exactly the same reason.)

Followed by their kids, as they wanted to spend time with their dad and their grandad.

So what began as a little gathering has grown — ever so slightly — over the last few years.

Plus, with the addition of three new members of the family (my niece, followed by our twins 6 months later) — very soon to be four, with the arrival of my sister’s new baby this coming winter — this little gathering has snowballed.

A couple of weekends ago, we were 19 adults, 3 little ones and a bump.

family bbq 2016
Me and mine — Family BBQ 2016
family bbq 2016 — pimms
Family BBQ 2016 — Pimms anyone?
Me and mine — Our big niece and my mother-in-law
Me and mine — Cosmo and big cousin Aled

It’s a raucous, noisy affair and — without question — one of the highlights of my year; something that we all look forward to very much.

There’s always lovely, lovely food — my boy excels himself on the BBQ each year and both my sisters-in-law make a mean cake/dessert — plus there’s enough Pimms, wine, beer and other (generally alcoholic) beverages to drown an army.

Everyone stays in the little hotel pub in our village so it means that no-one has to drive (or leave too early). It’s a lovely — and rare — opportunity to hang out with our nearest and very dearest. There’s always a lot of laughter, merriment and good cheer; come rain or shine.

me and mine 2016 — family bbq
More like brother and sister than cousins!
family bbq 2016 — me and mine july 2016
Family BBQ 2016 — Fighting Irons
Me and mine — three monkeys
Me and mine — All the cousins

All in all, it’s a blast.

And, the very best thing is, it gives the whole family chance to catch up properly in a relaxed environment.

Generally — apart from Christmas, weddings, Christenings and (perish the thought) funerals — there aren’t really occasions when the entire family gets together, en masse, but this annual event ensures that we get to spend a lovely day together.

Me and mine — My beautiful sister and her bump
Me and mine — The littles with their grandparents
Little Cousins
Marlowe-Mate getting in on the action; so lovely to see him happy and settled (you can read about him here).
Me and mine — Bert
Me and mine — Cosmo-Bear (up to mischief)
Me and mine — Imogen

So my Me and Mine post this month is a little bit special as it documents this golden time in our lives when we’re all together.

We’re all happy — and healthy — and life is good.

Long may it continue.

Me and mine — Family BBQ 2016

So, July, in a nutshell:

This month’s highs ~
• Going to Perdepera in Sardina, courtesy of Mark Warner.
• Working in my She-Shed for the first time!
• The annual summer barbecue — getting to hang out with our nearest and dearest.
• Camp Bestival

This month’s lows ~
• Nothing! Hurrah!!

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  1. Your annual family barbecue sounds brilliant! Such a lovely tradition!! It is always so special when the whole family gets together. For us, it’s always Christmas. We make sure we all get together for some quality family time. #MyCapturedMoment


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