Eczema and Aveeno

Disclosure: Thanks to the lovely folk at Aveeno for kindly sending us some products; plus a copy of their new ‘Ellie and Eddie’ book. We received Aveeno bath oil,  Aveeno moisturising lotion and Aveeno cream to try, although we were under no obligation to write about it. All thoughts, words and images — as ever — are entirely my own.

Having a child with eczema can be ‘challenging’ — to say the least.

I have twin boys. One of them has skin like mine; olive and a little bit greasy. The other has skin like his father. Pale and dry.

Only also with a bit of eczema thrown in for good measure.

At just 22 months, I don’t really want to be slapping steroid cream on his brand new, baby skin. But when we’ve had a really bad outbreak, unfortunately, it’s the only thing that manages to eradicate it.

I’d mentioned it to a friend (who happens to be one of the twin’s guidemothers!). She said she’d be using Aveeno on her own daughter (who’s now 14) for years and years. And whilst it won’t get rid of it entirely it will keep it at bay. Allowing you manage the condition rather than being overcome by it.

Up until that point, I’d not been familiar with Aveeno products but went and bought some, on her advice.

And I’ve got to say, the stuff is magic.

It works.

Magic Cream for baby skin

And just as she’d said — whilst it hasn’t cleared up Cosmo’s eczema 100% — it does keep it at bay and regular use ensures that his very dry skin remains smooth and soft, with only a couple of eczema patches.

The lovely people at Aveeno are campaigning hard to bring awareness to childhood eczema and showing us how to deal with it effectively. They’ve teamed up with acclaimed children’s’ author, Penelope Harper, to create a series of books which are aimed at helping parents — and children alike — to manage eczema prone skin.

The books are centred around Ellie and her pet gecko Eddie.

Both suffer from dry skin and the books follow them on their adventures. The pair go on quests and encounter things — or surroundings — that often trigger or aggravate their skin. The underlying basis of the stories is to give readers tips and insights into managing their own skin conditions.


The book is a brilliant way of getting small people to understand their skin condition and in turn it supports you, as a parent, in making the creaming experience more fun for your little one.

In the UK, 1 in 5 children suffer from eczema.

Cosmo has it all over his body — especially in the creases of his arms and legs — but, oddly, the place that he suffers with it the most is around his eyes.

Keeping on top of eczema

Thankfully, we manage to keep on top of it now with a fairly simple skincare routine. First off, the advice from our GP was not to bath the boys every day. She said that eczema prone skin needs as much moisture as possible and bathing each day can be really drying.

That said, when we do bath the boys we use the Aveeno bath oil; it’s packed with colloidal oatmeal — essentially, oats that are ground into a really fine powder — that really helps to soften and moisturise skin. Initially the boys were a little unnerved by it, because it turns the bathwater milky. This frightened them, to begin with, as they couldn’t see into the water but we’ve since turned this into a positive! We play a game and hide their bath toys into the water for them to find! This has proved a great hit and now they have fun in the bath — hunting for their toys in the cloudy water — whilst their skin is being moisturised and protected at the same time.


Making the routine fun

We always dry their skin well after a bath and slap on Aveeno cream or lotion afterwards. It’s so gentle that it’s fine to use around Cosmo’s eyes (recommended by our local pharmacist in fact). It doesn’t sting or make his eyes water — and, with regular use — it means that we don’t have to use the hydrocortisone cream that the GP has given us.

I’ve been massaging their little bodies with moisturiser since they were born and always let them know what I’m doing. It’s turned into a little ritual, almost.

I explain where I’m putting the cream — ‘on your legs, on your feet, on your toes….’ — which is a great way for them to learn the parts of the body. And is more often than not followed by ‘This Little Piggy’, which always goes down well and generally results in lots of laughter.

A whopping 25% of mums say managing their child’s dry, eczema-prone skin when out and about is difficult.

As a mama of a baby that suffers from eczema I would wholeheartedly recommend Aveeno products. It’s hard work looking after dry skin and Aveeno makes life just that little bit easier. Plus, as the boys get older, it will be such a normal part of their daily routine that it really won’t be a big deal.


7 thoughts on “Eczema and Aveeno”

  1. My youngest daughter suffered from eczema and one of the things we used was Aveeno. It helped a lot. She’s now almost 10 years old and has virtually grown out of it. However, I suffered from irritating skin just recently and the first thing I turned to was Aveeno body lotion and the Aveeno shower gel. It works a treat. I use it every day! I would highly recommend it! :0) xx

    • It’s amazing isn’t it Emma! :) I had never heard of it before but now we just can’t be without it! Funnily enough, I went to the GP with the boys today and my GP has actually prescribed a tube of the cream for Cosmo!! I had no idea that you could get such a thing on prescription! Thanks for your comment pet xx

    • Oh yes, get lots of it on prescription! I had tried the E45 body lotion for myself but it didn’t touch it, a couple of days with Aveeno and all was great! Boots sell it, the one I’ve got at the moment is with Shea Butter, very nice. They also do it with Lavendar!! :0) xx

    • I’m allergic to E45 cream funnily enough!! Have never used that on the boys, as a result. The Aveeno is fab though!! Who would have thought that ground down oats would be so amazing for the skin! Makes me think I should be eating more porridge! ;) I really love the fragrance free version for the boys — but quite fancy lavender for myself! Will send me to sleep too! ;) X

  2. Great post! I too only recently discovered Aveeno after picking up a leaflet from my surgery and after trying loads on my little girls skin I thought it was worth a try. We LOVE it! She didn’t get on with the body wash but will try the oil now. However the daily cream is brilliant!

    • Thank you SO much! It’s amazing stuff for Cosmo’s eczema. It hasn’t got rid of it completely but it really has helped to manage it. Before we were using it, I was having to slap steroid cream on him, every other day. Awful when they’re so little!! This feels a lot more natural — and being able to put it in the bath is brilliant. Try the oil — it’s a bit unnerving to start with, as they can’t see to the bottom of the bath, but if you turn it into hide and seek with their toys, they LOVE it!! :)

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