111 weeks and 3 days | Our Village Park

A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I went up to our village park for the afternoon.

So very different from the park where we used to live in Marlow. Whatever time of day — or year — we went to Higginson park, it was always heaving. A Mecca for families, it boasts 23 acres of beautiful parkland. It has a huge childrens’ play area and a wide River Thames frontage; which means you can feed the ducks and swans or take a boat down the river. It even has it’s own Costa Coffee. As parks go, it’s definitely up there with the best.

Our little village park is poles apart.

It’s tiny. It has a picnic bench and some play equipment for the children but it’s nowhere near the scale of the park in Marlow.

That said, it’s always fairly quiet and, as a result, the littlies always get to play without the fear of being knocked over by larger children; or have to wait an age to use the play equipment. Which, as village parks go, is fairly extensive! There are swings, see-saws and a roundabout; they’ve even installed a new wooden ‘pirate ship’ with tunnels and a climbing frame with a slide.

So our village park may not boast the impressive features of Higginson park; it may not have a Costa — or a riverside view — but for two little two year olds, who are learning to find their feet and explore the world around them, it’s perfect.









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