Me and Mine October 2014

Me and Mine October 2014.

This month’s Me and Mine photographs see us in another country no less!

Seeing as we didn’t manage to have a proper holiday — of longer than 4 days — again this year, we decided to round the summer off with a long weekend to Wales!

Wales is my husband’s home turf; he doesn’t sound Welsh but, my god, I’ve never met a more patriotic Welshman in my life (and I’ve met a few over the years)!

The Twinkles are most certainly going to be brought up on a diet of rugby (union not league) and woe-betide either boy who cheers for his (English) mother’s home team! Apart from if it’s cricket or football which, oddly, doesn’t seem to count! 

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The Land Of The Leek

So back to our trek to the Land of The Leek… we went from Thursday to Sunday (still not managing to break the 4 day barrier!) and although it was raining and windy for most of the time, it was lovely to be away!

We stayed in my parent’s static caravan.

We always used to go caravanning in Wales when I was a child and — not contented with hiring one occasionally —it was my father’s life-long dream to own one himself.

An odd choice, perhaps for a mid-life-crisis purchase (I’d be buying myself a vintage Porsche) but it’s been a great investment and means that we can all enjoy a little trip to the seaside when we’ve got some spare time!

Whilst we were away, we visited Porthmadog, Aberystwyth — and my very favourite childhood location, Barmouth.


This gorgeous little seaside town is everything I love about holidays in the UK.

The smell of the salty air, fish and chips, candy floss. The sound of the sea and the gulls — the Waltzers and Dodgems!

It is the archetypal British seaside resort; it has an arcade with penny slots and all manner of other blinking, flashing, noisy machines. It has a little high street filled with Aladdin’s caves bursting with buckets, spades and inflatables… rock shops (selling candy ‘fried breakfast’ on a paper plate – baked-beans included!) plus ‘possibly’ the best interiors shop in the whole world.

But the thing I love most about Barmouth is the beach.

On The Beach

Beautiful, soft sand that stretches for miles and miles. It has sand dunes, the sea, the beach all within a 3 minute walk of the high street, all surrounded by cliffs and valleys, with little houses dotted amongst. On a sunny day, there’s nowhere better.

(Apart from the Caribbean perhaps, but I’m not counting overseas destinations!) ;)

Cold and wind aside, it was still pretty fun!

So the babies first experience of ‘a beach’ wasn’t quite how I’d pictured it in my head. I’d envisaged a beach abroad; me lying on soft, warm sand in my bikini whilst the Twinkles (and their daddy) built sand castles…

Erm… no. Dream on!

Cut to me — wearing a parka and wellies — with the babies wrapped up in their winter woolies! That said, we still had a fantastic time!

The realisation that they could run and run — as far as their little legs would carry them, in safety — was very sweet to witness! The sea was out so the beach appeared HUGE!

It must have seemed extraordinary to them. So lovely, watching them both experience this ‘first’ and seeing their big eyes drinking everything in.

Me and Mine October 2014

Sadly, we didn’t take our ‘Me and Mine’ photos that day. We were having too much fun to remember to take pictures — although we did manage to get some pics of the Twinkles on my phone. I wrote their (collective) name in the sand, then watched with amusement as they stomped all over it! :)

No, our family ‘Me and Mine’ photos for this month were taken at the slightly less pretty beach of Aberystwyth.

It was a cold, blustery day and was mizzling when we took these pics. Nevertheless, they mark a really fun weekend.

I can’t wait to go back!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 5

12 thoughts on “Me and Mine October 2014”

  1. Oh these photos are lovely! I really love the beach in the colder weather. We had our first holiday when Lucas was little in Barmouth and I just love it but we haven’t managed to have a break away yet, I think we will wait until the twins are a little older. I love the photo of you walking towards the camera with the pretty houses in the background, beautiful! xx

    • Thank you :) It really was lovely — wind, rain and all!! I absolutely loved Barmouth as a little girl… it’s quite special to take the boys to somewhere I spent so may happy times at, as a child, too. And weirdly, it hasn’t changed either!! LOL! Apart from the ‘Slippery Dip’ — a GIANT, yellow and blue, wobbly, slide that my Dad and I used to spend hours and hours on! Shame it’s not still there — I’d have loved to have a go on that again!! :)

  2. Oh your photos are just gorgeous – love the ones of your two little Twinkles on the beach and looking like they are having an amazing time. The photos of you all are beautiful too – you all looking like you are having fun, they are such relaxed and happy family shots and there is so much love in them too. Sounds like you had a fab weekend away :-)

    • Thanks so much Louise :) Funny to think that their first trip to the beach was on a windy rainy day, but they really did love it!It was so precious watching them explore! X

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