Home Etc #150 | A birthday and a little announcement!

After 150 link ups, numerous bloggers showing off their fabulous homes — and giving us inspiration for our own — plus almost 10K picture tags on Instagram, Home Etc has just turned 3 years old!!

linsdrabwellhome /brickdustandglitter /memoriesfrommummy /pinkscharming /
lizzie_woodman /thetwinklediaries /capturebylucy / audenandbram / lazydaisyjones

Blog linkys have definitely slowed down over recent months though, and where we used to regularly have over 30 linkers, the popularity has waned; particularly this year. People are sharing more and more on Instagram and blog communities are dwindling.

Lins and I have toyed with the idea of finishing Home Etc completely but — even though the numbers aren’t as buoyant as they used to be — we do still have a very strong little community. It would be such a shame to close the door on something that still brings people together.

It’s such hard work to run a blog link-up on a weekly basis though, so we’ve decided that instead of weekly link ups, starting from next month, Home Etc will be monthly.

We’ll be hosting together too — much more sociable! Trying to promote the link-up by ourselves was a pretty lonely business. Joining forces again and hosting together will hopefully shake things up a bit, make it more fun and encourage more people to join in and link up with us.

So from 6th June, Home Etc will be monthly and launch on the first Wednesday of every new month.

But before things change, I just wanted to mention our final ‘last week’s’ favourite.



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