My Twin Pregnancy — 28 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

I'm 28 weeks pregnant with twins and this is my 4D scan pic!

I’m now 28 weeks pregnant with twins! And yesterday we had the 28 week scan. What a great day! Such a milestone as it now means that these precious babies have a 90% chance of survival, if they were born! I was holding my breath when the sonographer started the scan… as I haven’t felt the …

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My Twin Pregnancy Diary — 27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Where, oh where has the time gone??? I’m 27 weeks pregnant with twins; and my babies are officially ‘viable’!! Wooo-hoooo!!! I have been desperate to get to the point of viability. The doctors use that term as though it were some magic charm. And I suppose it is. It means that if the twins were …

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