26 weeks and 5 days | A sight for sore eyes!

What a sight for sore eyes! This is what greets me when I go to get them up after a nap ♥ A pair of cheeky little faces. Two button noses. Four bright eyes. These boys make my heart sing.

26 weeks and 5 days | The Twinkles are 6 months old!

I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be going. It’s as though someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life and everything is double the speed. The Twinkles are 6 months old! It certainly doesn’t feel like half a year has passed since they were born. The days have gone by in …

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26 weeks today | Baby milestones

This week has seen some landmark baby milestones in the lives of my Twinkles! On Saturday, we gave the boys their first ‘solid’ food. I say ‘solid’ — it was baby rice which is neither solid or really food for that matter! Whatever. It wasn’t milk and that’s all that matters. Yesterday I gave them baby …

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25 weeks and 2 days | Torticollis

Well. Yesterday was a real eyeopener! I had noticed — when he was around 3 months old — that Bertie had trouble turning his head to the right. In fact, he favoured his left side so much, his little neck looked permanently twisted, bless him. I Googled the symptoms and came up with this… TORTICOLLIS — click …

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25 weeks old today | 6 month routine

Twin baby 6 month routine

My beautiful Twinkles — where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that we were being taken down to the delivery suite, to welcome you to the world and now you are very nearly half a year old and we’re trying a new 6 month routine. I can’t believe half a year has almost …

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19 weeks and 6 days | Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

The Twinkles are growing SO quickly — my baby boys are absolutely blooming! Looking at them now, you’d never know how little they were when they were born. At one point, Bertie went down to 4lb 9oz. We so nearly had to back to the hospital for him to be tube fed; we were literally …

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