Just So Festival | The Lantern Parade

Aaah the sun is shining, summer is well and truly in full swing and — more importantly — festival season is here folks! Hurrah! Regular readers of my blog will know that this is my favourite time of year, bar none. The boys and are already getting excited about the festivals that we’re booked to …

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In search of The Good Life Experience

What’s that shining, golden orb in the sky? I *think* it might be the sun but, it’s been such a long since I last saw it, I can’t be totally sure. The breeze feels warm today; we’ve thrown open the windows and the stale, winter fug that has been occupying the rooms of our little …

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How to make the perfect Mojito | Dreaming of cocktails & summer

Want to know how to make the perfect Mojito? Read on! I was dreaming of cocktails and summer yesterday; winter has us well and truly in its grips. It snowed here yesterday morning! Funnily enough, it snowed in November in the very first year we moved into this village too. Proper snow. Big fat flakes …

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Our Just So Festival {the best first family festival} Video & Review

A question that I’m often asked is;  ‘Of all the festivals you’ve been to, which is the best first family festival?’ It’s a tricky question to answer; depending on the kind of thing that would suit you. Are you seasoned campers — happy in large crowds — or would you prefer something on a smaller …

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7 More Sleeps to Just So Festival 2017

Just So Festival

So whilst Camp Bestival may be over for another year, festival season is still in full swing — hurrah — and the boys and I are now counting the days until Just So Festival, which is on the 18th-20th of this month. We’ve never been before and I am beyond excited!! It’s now in it’s …

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The soggiest Camp Bestival ever — summer 2017


What makes Camp Bestival 2017 stand out from any other year we’ve been? It rained. And rained and rained and rained. But as a very wise man, called Gilbert K. Chesterton, once said; ‘When it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.’ And I think that perfectly sums up …

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