206 weeks today | {Siblings February}

Siblings February 2017.

In one months’s time, I will be the proud ‘owner’ of two four year old children.

Not babies. Not toddlers.


I’ve said it again and again but I can’t stress enough how fast the time seems to be going since I have had the boys.

I know they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ but the rate of knots that the months seem to be playing out is crazy.

Their daddy and I were looking at them a couple of days ago and we both looked at each other and questioned who the grown up little people in our kitchen were.

Where are the babies?  Where are the tottering toddlers?

It’s times like this that I’m so grateful to have started this blog. To be able to look back and see what we were doing a year — or even two year’s — ago is just amazing.

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Their development over the last month or so has been rapid; lots of learning and trying new things. Cosmo’s grasp of numbers is fantastic; just like his daddy. And Bertie’s aptitude for drawing and creating is lovely. He’s so like me in that respect; always making pictures.

We’ve been looking at the alphabet and learning that when different letters are put together they make different sounds — two Os say ‘ooooo’ — etc.

And both boys can count up to 20 (MoMo can count up to 29 but as soon as he hits 30 shouts ZERO)!! It’s astonishing to see these little brains working overtime and sucking up information like sponge.

We still have the odd tantrum. Sometimes once a week, sometimes three times a day. It’s never triggered by the same thing but always down to frustration and annoyance, that things aren’t going his way.

When it happens at home it’s hard-work but it’s excruciating when it occurs in public.

It happened when we were down in Cornwall and I ended up having to literally pick him up under my arm and carry him through the streets; whilst he screamed like a banshee the whole time. Everyone was looking at us (probably very glad that it wasn’t their child causing a public disturbance), whilst my sister-in-law looked on with a combination of horror and amusement.

But hey.

On other days they play together so beautifully; the tantrums are forgotten.

I stand back and watch from afar — the role play and extraordinarily complicated games — marvelling at these tiny boys, with their gigantic imaginations.


The holiday cottage in St Mawes had an incredible selection of kid’s fancy dress and the boys took great delight wandering around the house wearing horse and dragon costumes.

But the outfits  that got the most wear were two little superhero costumes; gold and silver leggings and cloaks, emblazoned with stars. They loved them so much that one day, on a visit to Falmouth, they wore them over the top of their actual clothes.

They caused a different kind of interest that day. Instead of causing shoppers to frown and shake their heads, my beautiful boys — in their extraordinary garb — were the talk of the town. So many people stopping to congratulate them on their fine choice of attire.

Bizarrely, as we were waiting for the ferry in St Mawes, two young girls  — maybe ten and thirteen years of age (or thereabouts) — wandered over and asked if the boys would like their balloons.

This was the craziest thing. It was about 10 in the morning — so where they’d got the balloons from was a mystery — but the fact that they were gold and silver (which perfectly matched the superhero leggings) was incredible.

Coincidence aside, I can’t thank those girls enough. Those balloons were such brilliant props and this set of photographs is up there with my favourite images that we have of the boys.

Crazy light. Extraordinary location.

My amazing little superheroes.

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  1. Aww what a lovely post, and yes I completely agree where has the time gone, no sooner do we have babies that we have school aged children. I love the super hero outfits and how great that they are in the holiday home. That sky and those balloons. Oh and yes to the screaming fit, G has treated us to this a few times when he was younger and we did just that, picked him up and carried him away. I saw it happen to a friend the other day and I just hugged the mum as the dad marched off with him as I just know the awfulness, embarrassment and sheer frustration you are feeling at that moment x

    • Awww that’s made me feel a little bit sad Laura!! I can’t imagine the boys losing their teeth!!! Getting them was SUCH a big deal :( I can totally see that it’s a big event. Thanks for your lovely comment x

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