112 weeks and 2 days | Would I Rather..? | A vlog

So. Nearly 2 and a half years from starting this little diary, I have finally succumbed and published my very first vlog post!

My friend Heledd — who blogs over at Running In Lavender — tagged me to answer 20 questions set by another of our blogging friends, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy.

‘Vlogging’ — video blogging for those of you who are not ‘down with the kids’ (embarrassingly I *may* have said this in my vlog)  — is taking the internet by storm at the moment.

I guess the thinking behind it is, why spend time typing a post when you can say it?

Although, as a die-hard lover of the written word, I can’t see that I’m going to turn in to Zoella any time soon (see, I told you I was down with the kids) ;)

Here are the questions — with the pre-fix ‘would you rather?’:

  • Live in a society with justice but no liberty or liberty but no justice
  • Be a kid again for the day or be the opposite sex for the day
  • No internet for the day or no mobile for the day
  • No one turn up to your wedding or your funeral
  • Go back in time or go to the future
  • Fly or read minds
  • True love or 10 million pounds
  • Surfing the ocean or surfing the net
  • Famous or rich
  • Time or money
  • Win the lottery or live twice as long
  • Be smart or be hot
  • Be half your height or double your weight
  • Have a piercing or tattoo
  • Rewind your life or pause it
  • Always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying
  • Always be underdressed or overdressed
  • That mermaids were real or unicorns
  • Be homeless or be in prison
  • Have a carrot for a nose or Mini Babybels for eyes

And here are my answers…

So without further a do the only thing that remains is to tag a couple of lovely bloggers to join in with this little meme! I tag:

My friend Katie — Life On Vista

My #TwinklyTuesday co-host Lisa — Mumma Scribbles

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39 thoughts on “112 weeks and 2 days | Would I Rather..? | A vlog”

  1. I’ve been tagged for this one, really need to find time to actually do some youtubing! Fab answers, I’d choose flying as well, I think mind reading could be dangerous!

    Stevie x #TwinklyTuesday

    • Yay! I can’t wait to see you answers Stevie :) It’s always lovely to see other bloggers talking — it really gives you a sense of the person behind the blog :)

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