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109 weeks and 1 day | And so it begins {Captured Moments}

I wasn’t planning on writing another blog post today.

I’d posted one about our Easter bonnet making/cake eating escapades earlier on and thought that that would be enough.

But, this afternoon, something extraordinary happened.

And as my blog is essentially my diary, I had to make a note of it before I forget!

So, the boys were playing around me, as I was tidying up earlier (yes, believe it or not, it does happen occasionally!) and they’d found their wellies from the kitchen.

Cue, lots of laughter as they managed to put said boots on.

Which prompted more laughter, from me, as I noticed they were on the wrong feet. I said:

‘Come here Cosmo’.

He dutifully came over to me and I knelt down to change his boots over. Then I said:

‘You can’t put these on pet! You’ve got no socks on’.

At which, he looked at me.  A level gaze — his big eyes holding mine for a good few seconds — before saying, as clear as anything, in his sweet little voice…


I tell you, my mouth absolutely dropped open! This is the first time that I’ve ever heard either of them say this word.

That tiny, one  syllable word, that parents all around the globe dread!!

Because one thing is absolutely certain. It may have been the first time but it certainly won’t be the last!

And so it begins...
And so it begins… ‘Why?’


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  1. You have the cutest little boys. I’m dreading Little Miss H asking “why”! I don’t think I am clever enough to answer her questions. I need to do some serious research. Do you know why the sky is blue? I love this post honey. Good luck. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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